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Sharing our nomadic life seems crazy and this is why we do it

“I Want To Wake Up And Live A Life I Love Everyday”

— Jenn Bethune

Putting your real, raw, and vulnerable life out there in the hopes that others will feel inspired to live a life they love too, isn’t something everyone does.

Getting uncomfortable and showing your life for all to see is a unique concept and we don’t take it lightly, but we know it’s necessary for us to do.

By merging onto our highway to happy individually, and as a family, we have found true contentment and inner peace within our every day life. I gotta tell ya, it feels so so good.

We know because we have found it, that means others can find it too. We share our life adventures in a real raw and vulnerable way to inspire you to discover your own contentment and inner peace.

Your journey may look different than ours and that’s OKAY, it’s supposed to be. Our hope isn’t that you live exactly how we live. Our hope is that we provide the space for you to write your own story, living alternatively in a way that feels aligned to you.


Blue Betty

RVs are great but this 1983 Silver Eagle Model 10 Tour Bus we dubbed “Blue Betty” won our heart. Take a look at how we make living on the go and roadschooling comfortable, practical, and stylish!



September 16th, 2011. That was the day we lost our son, Ethan, in a tragic car accident on our way to Disney to celebrate his 7th birthday. Every year since the accident, Septembers have been a month I dreaded. You see, Ethan passed away on September 16th and his birthday was on the 19th. I couldn’t celebrate his life without his death coming first.

If you knew Ethan, you’d know he was the most kind, empathetic, and giving soul you ever met; light absolutely radiated out of him. He was always spreading kindness every day of his short, nearly 7 years on this earth.

Three years ago, September was quickly approaching and the feeling of dread set in. I always loved remembering Ethan’s memories he left with us, but they would leave me feeling disheartened, in September especially. A few memories in particular played in my mind as I was sitting in the Starbucks drive thru, ordering my usual Venti Pike, Black, No Room….

As I am reminiscing about Ethan in the Starbucks drive thru, waiting for my order, I realized he did random acts of kindness without even knowing he had done them. With each one of the things he did, he made someone’s day better. He always knew it was cool to be kind, it just came naturally. Now, while it doesn’t come natural to many people, I thought maybe I could help continue to spread some love by being more like Ethan.

In that moment, without wavering, I asked the barista if I could pay for the person behind me. She smiled and replied, “What should I tell them?'“ I paused for a second and blurted out,
“Tell them to pay it forward, for Ethan.”


You Look Familiar…

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